The history of the Forsthaus Auerhahn

A guest house since 1821

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, up until a major fire in 1880, logging flourished in the region. Many lumberjacks, who also required accommodation, worked for the Calwer logging company. It was at this time, in the year 1821, that Alt-Math├Ąus Z├╝fle (a forest warden) built the Forsthaus Auerhahn with stables on the bottom floor and an inn above.

It was in the interests of both the forestry commission and carters for man and beast to have lodgings close to their place of work after a day of hard graft. The Forsthaus inn was therefore urgently required from the outset. Independent hikers soon discovered the delightful landscape to be "refreshing", hence the Auerhahn is already listed as a travel and hiking destination in the 1900 edition of the Baedeker travel guide.

By this point, the Auerhahn had long since been sold to W├╝rttemberg's Cameralamt but continued to be operated by several generations of forest wardens and later of foresters. From 1963 to 1997, forester Dieter Zepf and his wife Katrin and their three sons - Erwin, Bernhard and Martin - were responsible for running the Forsthaus.

The Zepf family and Forsthaus Auerhahn

When the Karlsruhe forestry authority responsible for the property decided in 1982 to sell the 161-year-old Forsthaus Auerhahn with its staff housing and the Haus Harzwald guest house after 126 years of state ownership, Dieter Zepf (the last forester at the Auerhahn) and his wife Katrin acquired the building.

The pair had already built Haus Katrin guest house in 1974. They renovated and extended the buildings continuously from 1984 and built up the present-day restaurant business.

In the 1990s, the focus turned to the spa offerings: the swimming pool was expanded with a Jacuzzi and water features to create a pool complex. The sauna complex featuring a number of different saunas, Jacuzzi, snail shower, soda drinking fountain, plunge pool and outdoor area with a mountain stream waterfall was also created.

Your host family

Martin Zepf has run the Auerhahn since the year 2000. He is committed to his guests' well-being and to providing hospitality, hence he has continuously invested in the 4-star hotel located at the heart of the Black Forest. Not only did he establish a spa and beauty area and expand the Vitality Oasis, he also complemented the hotel facilities with a gym and hairdressing salon. He has additionally taken over management of the cosy Seibelseckle hut on the Black Forest scenic route and of the ski bar beside Seibelseckle ski lift.

Enjoy your stay in the tradition-rich Forsthaus Auerhahn.

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